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Geduld als Ressource

Gesundheitsförderung junger Erwachsener im Einzelcoaching
Tectum,  2021, 328 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8288-4611-1

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The work is part of the series Wissenschaftliche Beiträge aus dem Tectum Verlag: Pädagogik (Volume 52)
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englischMany young adults find the pressure to perform highly stressful. For the field of individual coaching, the question arises of how patience can improve the situation of those affected. Based on a historical–philosophical classification, this book presents research approaches and studies on patience. Through a qualitative survey of 176 volunteers in their social year, the reader learns how young adults see patience as a form of help in crises. The central criteria in this respect are 'learning to be patient in everyday life and using the example of one’s parents', a 'dialogical relationship' and more 'time for rest and relaxation'. The book also describes recommendations for health promotion in (social) educational coaching for practice and research.

Spannendes Interview mit der Autorin zum Thema Geduld
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