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The Istanbul Divanyolu

A case study in Ottoman urbanity and architecture
Ergon,  2004, 154 Seiten, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-95650-695-6

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The Ottoman Divanyolu (and its extension, the Divan axis) formed the main thoroughfare, linking Topkapı Palace to the gate of Edirne, the principal gate for the continental road into Europe. It was not quite like the ‘main street’ of many other towns, western or eastern, only part of Istanbul’s Ottoman architectural heritage was situated along the axis. The clash of architectural concepts of urban life was perceptible. Today, the avenue named Divanyolu, a short tract between the At Meydan, the column of Constantine (Çemberlitaş) and Beyazıt, is still neither ‘here’ (Ottoman) nor ‘there’ (Western). The main goal of this book is to shed light on the Divanyolu, its role in urban life and architecture, and the way it mirrors Ottoman culture.