SeidelmannThe New Germany

“The New Germany” offers a selected overview focusing on the most important issues of Germany’s post-war history (1945-2010), its socio-economic and political system, and foreign relations of today’s united Germany/Federal Repub-lic of Germany. The book combines the description of institutions and policies/politics with the discussion about basic principles and ideas of the German socio-economic model, and its understanding of modern democracy and good governance. Its extensive part on foreign relations presents an overview on German foreign, security, European, and development policies as well as on Germany’s relations to its neighbors France and Poland, the U.S. and Russia.

The book serves as a general introduction, overview, and background information about today’s Germany; it offers facts, graphs, statistics, and photographs to the specific subjects and discusses its underlying political problems. It aims at English-speaking non-German readers in univer-sities, politics, media etc. and serves teaching in German Studies, Comparative Politics, and International Relations/Foreign Policy.