Czada | Held | WeingardtReligions and World Peace

How do religions and religious actors respond to violent conflict and peace efforts? Taking for granted the ambivalence of religion – as a fuel for confrontation and as a harbinger of peace – the authors of this volume search for the potentials of faith and religion to promote peace. They also explore the role religious actors played in various recent conflicts and peace processes. The analysis is based on historical and practical, but especially on scientific perspectives from different academic disciplines. Their findings show eminent opportunities of religious actors to de-escalate violent conflicts and contribute to the establishment of sustainable peace.

With contributions from Hans Küng, David Little, Jeffrey Haynes, Claus Leggewie, Ben Mollov, Peter Harvey, Ayse Kadayifci-Orellana, Scott Appleby, Joseph Prabhu, Gerhard Robers, Matthias Basedau/Georg Strüver/Johannes Vüllers, Andreas Hasenclever, Javaid Rehman, Daniel Philpott.