Römmele | SchoberThe Governance of Large-Scale Projects

Experiences from all around the world show that citizens increasingly articulate their discontent with large-scale projects. Still, public debates often leave politics, administrations, corporations and citizens unsatisfied. How can we improve mutual understanding, provide political legitimacy and facilitate economic efficiency? This book pinpoints the opportunities and challenges of participatory modes of governance by offering theoretical accounts and analyses of large-scale projects focusing on infrastructure, communication and public administration.

With contributions by:
Marko Bachl, Henning Banthien, Sarah Bastgen, Daniela Ciaffi, Christopher Gohl, Andreas Hoffelder, Kjetil Holgeid, Mathias König, Wolfgang König, Thamy Pogrebinschi, Martina Richwien, Claudia Ritzi, Andrea Römmele, Fabiano Santos, Emanuela Saporito, Stefan Schaible, Henrik Schober, Gunnar Folke Schuppert, Carmen Sirianni, Arne Spieker, Johannes Staemmler, Mark Thompson, Andrea Versteyl, Paul Webb, Katrin Winkler


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