Holland | ChabanEurope and Asia: Perceptions From Afar

Critically, it is important to determine whether the latest economic challenges in Europe have led to the deterioration of the EU’s external images in ‚emerging‘ Asia. The volume features results of several “EU external perceptions” projects supported by Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) and Jean Monnet Programme of the European Commission conducted in collaboration with the National Centre for Research on Europe University of Canterbury between 2006-12. All projects used internationally-tested methodology of media, public opinion and elite opinion analysis pioneered by the Centre within the project “The EU in the Eyes of Asia-Pacific”(www.euperceptions.canterbury.ac.nz).

Consistent methodology allows this volume to present a number of comparisons including longitudinal EU perceptions in Asia before and after the euro debt crisis, comparisons across individual countries in North, South and South-East Asia, as well as those between EU and Asian perceptions of each other. European and Asian scholars contributed to this volume, demonstrating synergies between academics from different disciplines and from the two continents in the field of EU-Asia relations.


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