GanderSicherheit und offene Gesellschaft

The articles portray current aspects of ethical and societal research in the field of public security. They assemble distinct views on how to deal with the challenges to the openness of our societies from the disciplinary backgrounds of Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Information Technology. In the first part, the articles discuss different theoretical approaches to security research and on identifying open research questions. This allows the authors to structure prominent methodologies of their various disciplines. The second part covers ethical and societal security research from an applied perspective. It focuses on current issues of power, social control, privacy, and risk assessment in a digitalized society. The authors are: Sebastian Volkmann (Philosophy), Stefan Weidemann (Political Science), Magdalena Schuler and Larissa Wolkenstein (Psychology), Lena Sophie Eckert (Philosophy), Helge Kaltenbach (Political Science), and Sebastian Höhn (Information Technology).