Jacobs | Zowislo-Grünewald | BreitzingerSocial Media in der Lebenswelt und bei der Berufswahl Jugendlicher - Who cares?

Competition for skilled personnel especially on the junior level has intensified. Therefore, corporations have increasingly been employing social media for recruiting purposes, since they play a vital part in the younger generation's daily life. This volume results from an interdisciplinary symposium on social media recruiting with academics and practitioners in human resources, communication and consulting. Corresponding to this dialogue between theory and practice, the herein compiled articles do not only demonstrate the significance of social media in daily life, vocational choice and career decision making of adolescents and younger adults. Also, reports from practitioners from businesses and public institutions provide valuable insights for the advancement of recruiting and employer branding.

With contributions by:

Franz Beitzinger, Andreas Bischof, Christian Cernak, Katrin Etzrodt, Christina Friedrich, Martin Günther, Jana Hennig, Katrin Hentschel, Jörg Jacobs, Meike Keber, Jochen Koubek, Robert Kramer, David Müller, Rainer Schürg, Petra Seipp, Jürgen Sorg, Natascha Zowislo-Grünewald.