Wiesner | Roshchin | BoilardIn Debate with Kari Palonen

In Debate with Kari Palonen is a collection of 48 essays written by scholars from a great variety of research fields. All essays discuss the scientific contributions of the Finnish political scientist Kari Palonen, from his views on political thought to the understanding of conceptual change and the study of politics as an activity. The essays critically engage with Palonen's arguments and explore their implications in the diverse domains of the social sciences and humanities.

The first section of the book raises theoretical questions about the relationship between political theory and conceptual history, as well as the extension of the latter to other disciplines. The second section looks at past and contemporary political institutions, processes and constellations through the lenses of Palonen´s oeuvre and thought. Here, particular emphasis is placed on politics as a concept and as an activity. The third section discusses the idea of plural histories, contingencies and intellectual engagements. This includes reflections situating Palonen within wider debates in the social sciences and humanities as well as identifying shifts in his work as it has developed. In Debate with Kari Palonen thus provides students and scholars alike with an exciting opportunity to observe cross-generational intellectual reactions to some of the many ideas and debates Palonen has initiated or contributed to.