LejeuneInteressengeleitete Gesetzgebung

Habitually opinions differ on the question of lobbying: A few people accentuate the essential importance for the democratic constitution concerning the articulation and participation of particular interests. The different view underline the shift of power in favor of single lobbyists, who endanger the decision-making process of the legislative power and the executive authority sustainably. The science of legislation ignores lobbying in an extensive way, although it is concerning important questions of internal legislation.

Aim of the conference and this conference proceedings was to describe the different point of views, to give an answer to essential questions of special interest legislation, to explore options of constitutional law, to value chances and risks as well as the requirement of control processes.

With contributions by:
Jürgen Trittin MdB, Bundesminister a.D., Prof. Dr. Michael Kloepfer, Prof. Dr. Thomas von Winter, Prof. Dr. Klaus Meßerschmidt, Dr. Christian Humborg, Cornelius Winter, Prof. Dr. Martin Wyss, Dr. Stefanie Lejeune