AhrensÜberzeichnete Spektakel

Comics and violence share a long history. For decades the comics medium was regarded as being closely related to violence. Such made up closeness had huge influence on the medium’s self-understanding. This study stems from the assumption that studying the production of violence in comics means that its formal aspects can’t be ignored. Therefore, it analyzes a number of case studies, considering that content is following form. The production of violence in comics cannot be understood without acknowledging its formal conditions for representation. Being part of a broader reflection on the visuality of the world, comics do refer to a visual core of culture. For its production the medium of comics is mostly making use of techniques of exaggeration and spectacle. What has been regarded as proof for its ‘primitiveness’ has now become a particular competence of comics.

This is the first monography on this subject.

Containing analyses of ‚Sin City‘, ‚Les immomables‘, ‚100 Bullets‘, ‚DMZ‘, Baru, Joe Sacco, Hermann Huppen, and Winshluss.