Krieger | Neumärker | PankeEurope's Crisis

It is striking that since 2008 the European economic, employment and financial crisis has been repeatedly in the limelight of German and European media. Up to date the topic has not lost any of its importance. This is not the least due to the fact that the crisis has led to several conflicts in the political, economic and societal sphere.

This volume offers an interdisciplinary approach on the conflicts related to the European crisis. The economic, political scientist, sociological and legal perspectives provide a novel analysis on the emergence of the crisis and its dynamics on member state and European level. In addition, the contributions provide insights into the various implications of the crisis for the future of European integration and shed light on potential remedies.

The book draws on a broad variety of economic, social scientist and legal methods, which allows for a comprehensive analysis. It will be of great value to scientists, practitioners and the interested public.

With contributions by:
Christian Joerges, Robert Kappius, Martha Kontodaimon, Tim Krieger, Karsten Mause, Bernhard Neumärker, Francesco Nicoli, Stefan Oeter, Dimitris Papanikolopoulos, Diana Panke, Jochen Roose, Bernd Schlipphak, Franziska Scholl, Moritz Sommer, Maximilian Stephan, Rafal Ulatowski