PaschekLeadership in der digitalen Welt

Are we utterly losing our ability of human interaction across social borders in the Digital Age? Are values like solidarity, empathy and tolerance becoming values of yesterday? Does the Business Manager of our time fall short specifically in his role model function of value conveying? How can we countersteer in the Internet Age? These are all questions Peter Paschek tries to answer. And of course he is raising new ones.

His survey was based on numerous conversations with German Top Managers as well as on a comprehensive study of selected Business Schools` state of knowledge regarding Management’s Social Responsibility in the Digital Age.

 The author concludes with a quote by German Philosopher Jürgen Mittelstraß “The theory is on hand, awareness and practice are still struggling!”. A ground for hope! - although Paschek adds, that there is a lot of work has to be done by the theory.