KorteEmotionen und Politik

From the perspective of rational thought the relationship between politics and emotions appears so far as mutually exclusive. For the most part, the emotional side to politics is treated in a biased way from both a normative and empirical angle. On the one hand emotions are supposed to unfold negative images on politics. On the other hand realists argue that rational action is only possible under deliberate neglect of emotions. However, recent studies in political philosophy as well as neuroscience have begun to challenge the dichotomization of rationality and emotionality. There is increasing evidence for complex interdependencies and these need not to be marked by tensions but can also point to a constitutive nexus. This volume engages with this evidence from different perspectives and discusses possibilities for developing an applying a political theory of emotions.

With contributions by: Anja Besand | Lisa Katharina Bogerts | Nina Elena Eggers | Rebekka Fleiner | Felix Heidenreich | Maik Herold | Karl-Rudolf Korte | Claus Leggewie | Oliver ­Lembcke | Philipp Nielsen | Jan Rohgalf | Gary S. Schaal | ­Benjamin C. Seyd | Florian Weber | Kristina Weissenbach | ­Reinhard Wolf | Taylan Yildiz