BeyerRecht für die Soziale Arbeit

With a solid grounding in the legal aspects of social work becoming increasingly significant, the need for specific and practice-based introductory literature on this subject is becoming ever more important too. This book is not only intended to serve as a handbook for students of social work during their training, but also to accompany them as they embark upon their careers. It explains important terms used in social work, clarifies its structures and makes its contexts easy to understand.

The defining features of the German social security system and those of social work’s leading figures and governing institutions are an integral part of this, as is an explanation of the legal foundations of the welfare state as stipulated in the constitution, how socioeconomic services are organised and carried out, and what forms social work takes, the types of legal action it engages in plus how it is financed. Starting with a section on social work’s foundations, the book proceeds to depict the legal framework for social work’s key spheres of activity and essential legal issues in its code of practice.