Meier | NeubergerJournalismusforschung

This book provides an appraisal of recent and current research into journalism. Its authors are acknowledged as experts in their respective research fields, whose key issues, theories and findings are presented here in a compact form. Moreover, the authors open up pathways for future research by examining the diverse and complex present and future changes in journalism. This book is a well-established, fundamental guide to journalism and, as such, will appeal to academics, students and practitioners aiming to gain an insight into research. This second edition has been amended to include the newest approaches to research and its latest findings. It has also been expanded with essays on current trends in journalism.

With contributions by:
Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, Klaus Arnold, Andrea Czepek, Konstantin Dörr, Susanne Fengler, Alexander Godulla, Regina Greck, Thomas Hanitzsch, Ralf Hohlfeld, Tanja Kössler, Frank Lobigs, Wiebke Loosen, Margreth Lünenborg, Klaus Meier, Christoph Neuberger, Armin Scholl, Cornelia Wolf, Vinzenz Wyss