Cornel | Kawamura-Reindl | SonnenResozialisierung

In order to reintegrate offenders into society, those working in the penal system and in probationary services require a wide-ranging knowledge of legal affairs, criminology, methodology and institutions. The new fourth edition of this handbook, which has been fundamentally revised and expanded, provides practical, interdisciplinary specialist knowledge on rehabilitation, education and socialization. It examines current legal developments and criminological findings, and draws attention to a variety of possible ways of rehabilitating and assisting offenders.

Expanded to include an international perspective, how reintegration of offenders into society is organized, the prospects of a law on rehabilitation and the subject of victim support, this handbook will appeal to students of social work, education, law and the social sciences, plus those working in the judicial system, probationary services, youth welfare and correctional facilities as basic reading and a practical reference work.

With contributions by
Prof. Dr. Tilmann Bartsch, Dr. Nicole Bögelein, Prof. Dr. Heinz Cornel, Prof. em. Dr. Frieder Dünkel, VRiOLG a.D. Dr. Christoph Gebhardt, Prof. Dr. Christine M. Graebsch, Rudolf Grosser, Dr. Michael Haas, Dr. Gernot Hahn, Dr. Manfred Hammel, Prof. Dr. Jutta Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Carsten Homann, Prof. Gabriele Kawamura-Reindl, Prof. Dr. Denis Köhler, Prof. Dr. Michael Lindenberg, Rosmarie Priet, Prof. Dr. Ineke Pruin, Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Riekenbrauk, Prof. em. Dr. Bernd-Rüdeger Sonnen, Prof. Dr. Heino Stöver, Stefan Thier, Prof. Dr. Thomas Trenczek, M.A., Dr. Jonas Weber, LL.M., Frank Winter, Prof. em. Dr. Dieter Zimmermann