Müller-GraffDie Beziehungen zwischen der EU und Russland

Since 2014, Russia has subjected the EU to new and testing times, not only in terms of its neighbourhood policy, which is geared towards peaceful relations, cooperation and wealth, but also with regard to the fundamentals of its foreign policy, which is based on the principles of democracy, the rule of law, the UN Charter and international law.
It is at the EU’s eastern borders where these principles clash with Russia’s policymaking, which at times employs heavy political muscle to achieve its aims and presents the EU with the problem of how to deal with it. This book discusses the legal, economic and political bases of the EU’s relationship to Russia, the EU’s policy towards associated states under new conditions, the sanctions against Russia and the situation in the Caucasus states, Belarus, Moldova and the Baltic States as a result of the tensions between Russia and the EU.