Redaktion Kritische JustizSTREITBARE JURISTiNNEN

„Critical Lawyers in Germany“, volume 2, is the sequel of the 1988 book “Critical Lawyers in Germany. A different tradition”. Just like its precursor, it comprises biographical profiles of late attorneys, judges and legal scholars, but it also includes interviews with contemporary witnesses of more recent legal movements. The volume presents theorists and practitioners who have actively intervened in socio-political debates since 1945, especially in the controversies following the 1960s and 70s, and who have stood up for ideas of participatory democracy and an inclusive understanding of law and the Constitution. The volume covers diverse voices of legal critique, also those that are hardly known or almost forgotten. The selection of biographical portraits and interviews broadens the spectrum of critical legal thinkers and activists covered in volume 1. Volume 2 adds perspectives, locations and practices of critique, following the lines and actors of social movements, institutional activism and public interest litigation in Germany.

With contributions to: Alfred Apfel · Otto Bauer · Margarete Berent · Sebastian Cobler · Franz-Josef Degenhardt · Hedwig Dohm · Eugen Ehrlich · Helga Einsele · Winfried Hassemer · Werner Holtfort · Barbara Just-Dahlmann · Franz Kafka · Leopold Kohr · Anna Mackenroth · Marie Munk · Nora Platiel · Diether Posser · Marie Raschke · Helmut Ridder · Wiltraut Rupp-v. Brünneck · Magdalene Schoch · Jürgen Seifert · Helmut Simon · Kurt Tucholsky · Edda Weßlau