Hermann | PögeKriminalsoziologie

Criminal sociology lies at the junction where several academic disciplines meet. It focuses on criminality in the context of society and the individual from different perspectives and with different methods. Current research works from the core disciplines of criminology and sociology are often linked to questions concerning psychology, law, pedagogy, economics, theology and philosophy. This variety has created a rich research landscape, which up to now has not been represented comprehensively, and this handbook endeavours to remedy that in a selection of subject areas. Experts in this field describe their current subjects of research in a systematic and detailed manner. Apart from examining the current state of discussion and research, the book focuses on the presentation of individual studies and attaches great importance to them being easily comprehensible.

With contributions by
Dirk Baier, Thomas Bliesener, Andreas Böttger, Hans-Bernd Brosius, Kai Bussmann, Frieder Dünkel, Stefanie Eifler, Peter Graeff, Volker Grundies, Dieter Hermann, Helmut Hirtenlehner, Dina Hummelsheim-Doss, Hans-Jürgen Kerner, Anna Sophie Kümpel, Heinz Leitgöb, Eva Link, Christiane Micus-Loos, Saskia Niproschke, Dietrich Oberwittler, Christina Peter, Andreas Pöge, Daniela Pollich, Jost Reinecke, Debbie Schepers, Sonja Schulz, Daniel Seddig, Klaus Sessar, Mark Stemmler, Holger Stroezel, Helmut Thome, Angelika Treibel, Christian Walburg, Susanne Wallner, Melanie Wegel, Per-Olof H. Wikström, Michael Windzio.