Paun | SchirmannBorders, Identities, Communities

This book explores reconciliation in East-Central Europe amid the process of EU integration, with historical references and analyses of current political and diplomatic processes in the region. It is a useful tool for scholars and students alike who wish to explore an up-to-date collection of articles written by scholars from the region and members of the European Union‘s Liaison Committee of Historians. The studies adopt a multidisciplinary approach, including focusing on the Franco-German model of reconciliation as well as on the situation related to borders, identities and communities in the East-Central area in the current (geo-)political, economic and cultural context. Special emphasis is placed on such matters concerning the region as populism, teaching its common history and integration endeavours. The studies were presented during the International Conference on ‘Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe’, 3rd Edition (Berlin, 2016). The research area is European Integration.