KortePolitik in unsicheren Zeiten

Crisis has become the norm in politics. As a result of challenges such as the refugee crisis or the financial crisis, political science is increasingly confronted with the problem of contingency. This volume deals with the various crisis discourses in political science. It presents discourses reflecting on the identity of their own discipline as well as discourses that either deal with the crisis theoretically or through the perspective of real-world cases.

With contributions by:
Christiane Bausch, Nina Elena Eggers , Eckhard Jesse, Oscar W. Gabriel, Bruno Godefroy, Maik Herold, Bodo Hombach, Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven, Markus Kaim, Karl-Rudolf Korte, Sebastian Liebold, Florens Mayer, Janne Mende, Steven Schäller, Ingo Take, Jan Tapper, Till van Treeck, Robin Wilharm, Uwe Wagschal, Ursula Weidenfeld