Neuhäuser | SchuckMilitary Interventions

This volume discusses and expands the current state of research on military interventions. In this regard, it discusses questions concerning the legitimacy of interventions, their implementation and the actors involved. The volume is structured into three interdisciplinary parts, each with a focus on a specific topic. Part I deals with the question of under which circumstances intervention is legitimate and, if so, how it should be conducted. Part II focuses on the question of whether and, if so, why the high thresholds currently applied to interventions should be considered legitimate. Finally, part III elaborates on the question of who should intervene and which parts of society should be involved in post-conflict reconstruction.

With contributions by
Christopher Beuter, Enrico Fels, Anna Goppel, Bob Sugeng Hadiwinata, Matthias Heise, Goetz Herrmann, Zarifa Mamedova, Christian Neuhäuser, Kathrin Rucktäschel, Steve Schlegel, Reinhold Schmücker, Chrisoph Schuck, Uwe Steinhoff, Andreas Vasilache, Sylvia Yazid.