HagemannGestaltung des Sozial- und Gesundheitswesens im Zeitalter von Digitalisierung und technischer Assistenz

The terms digitistion and work 4.0 are what everyone is talking about. In the social services and health care sectors one can also sense how different fields of work and social relations will change in a universal way. Digital technologies and robots will define our daily lives. They will interlink people, machines and objects with each other and will create new forms of interaction and communication. Such systems are becoming more and more autonomous at astonishing speed and can operate independent of any human control. And they are increasingly able to make complex decisions autonomously. Due to this, a multitude of possibilities are being created regarding support as well as control and a fundamental reorganisation of numerous social services. In this publication, the articles present and discuss what effects this all has for social spaces, health care, for counselling and therapy, for continuous education and vocational training as well as for the management of social enterprises.

With contributions by:
Hilke Bertelsmann, Frank Dieckbreder , Anke Fesenfeld, Tim Hagemann, Annett Herrmann, Heidrun Kiessl, Alla Koval, Michael Löhr, Jörg Martens, Anne Meissner, Rüdiger Nölle, Michael Schulz, Doris Tacke, Susanne Vaudt, Pascal Wabnitz, Peter Weber, Thomas Zippert and much more