Arens | Baumann | Liedhegener | Müller | RiesReligiöse Identitäten und gesellschaftliche Integration

The third volume of the findings of the research into REGIE (“Religion und gesellschaftliche Integration in Europa”) provides an interdisciplinary review of questions relating to identity and religion, and to present and recent conflicts which have resulted from them. How is religion connected to reinvigorated collective identities? In responding to this question, this book presents the findings of a wide-ranging empirical secondary analysis of data on religious affiliation. In addition, it examines the consequences of the principal causes of migration: How do first and second generation migrants differ in defining their identities? When it comes to integration, what are organised religious migrant communities able to achieve? In this respect, an understanding of religion itself becomes extremely important. The book then proceeds to discuss the nature and our understanding of both fluid religiousness and strict or fundamentalist religions.

This volume relates to academic research conducted by the University of Lucerne into religion and social integration in Europe, and the 2016 series of lectures which resulted from that research. It will appeal to all those interested in using academic research to define the relationship between religious communities in the modern age.