Czepek | Hellwig | Illg | NowakFreiheit und Journalismus

The threat to and restrictions placed on the freedom of the press are two of the most pressing current political concerns. It is not only the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, the arrest and imprisonment of Deniz Yücel, and the attacks on the media by heads of state such as Erdogan or Trump which highlight that free, independent journalism has to be safeguarded as a precondition for a functioning democracy and an open society, but also the economic conditions which limit press coverage.
This book consists of articles in which academics from a variety of fields and different countries discuss the various facets of press freedom. These articles can be divided into three distinct categories: freedom and politics, autonomy and quality, and international perspectives. They are intended to provide an impetus for further research and discussion because the complex issues they raise demonstrate the need for academic findings which can guide decision-making in journalism and politics.

With contributions by
Lisa Bolz, Juliette Charbonneaux, Andrea Czepek, Sudarshan Prasad Dahal, Filip Dingerkus, Kunda Dixit, Britta Gossel, Melanie Hellwig, Beate Illg, Guido Keel, Felix Koltermann, Corinna Lauerer, Kerstin Liesem, Eva Nowak, Tanjev Schultz, Saskia Sell, Vinzenz Wyss, Wilson Ugangu.