Kilian | WendtEuropäisches Wirtschaftsrecht

Law exams of all kind in Europe require knowledge about at least some fields of Economic Law from the perspective of national and supranational law. Most textbooks related to European Law confine themselves to a public law perspective and focus on Institutions and the Single Market Freedoms. For students and practitioneers who want to get to the core of economically relevant subjects (e.g. Competition Law; Corporate Law; Trade Law; Capital Market Law; Labour Law; Private Insurance Law; Trademark Law; Copyright Law; IT-Law; Consumer Law) more detailed and reliable knowledge about Regulations, Directives and Court Decisions have to be provided. The authors of the book on „European Economic Law“, which comes to its 5th edition, are experts in the respective fields and present the state of the art by texts, graphics, leading cases and summaries in a well structured manner. References are made to ruling principles and theoretical assumptions as well.