Kampmann | Marciniak | Meteling'Security turns its eye exclusively to the future'

This edited volume represents two areas of research that are of key interest to many historians and social scientists: security and the future. Case studies explain how concepts of security and the future were connected and politically contentious as they invariably involved questions of power. The topics discussed in this volume include early modern religious diagnoses of the end of time, the preventive management of the future in dynastic marriage arrangements, the struggle for collective security in international law and to provide protection against epidemic plagues in nineteenth-century Europe, Cold War diagnoses of a nuclear apocalypse, security dilemmas in liberal states that result from crime prevention and surveillance practices, and discourses on sustainability and international competitiveness.

With contributions by
Tobias Bruns, Larry Frohman, Steffen Henne, Christoph Kampmann, Achim Landwehr, Angela Marciniak, Wencke Meteling, Elke Seefried, Marie-Christin Stenzel, Malte Thießen, Sascha Weber, Anna Veronika Wendland, Christian Wenzel, Andrea Wiegeshoff, Hannes Ziegler