Jörke | NachtweyDas Volk gegen die (liberale) Demokratie

The traditional patterns of political representation have been thrown into crisis because populism is posing a serious challenge to liberal democracies. In recent years, the rise of populism has triggered an intensive debate in the field of social sciences on its causes and legitimacy and on civil society’s attempts to counter it. The contributions in this special edition of this series aim to intensify this debate, some of which focus on problematising liberal democracies’ responses to populism. This special issue presents a wide range of philosophical, empirical, temporally analytical and normatively conceptual perspectives. All in all, the contributions in this volume aim to reflect on populism today from the perspective of social theory.

With contributions by
Heinz Bude, Klaudia Hanisch, Olaf Jann, Maik Herold, Dirk Jörke, Cornelia Koppetsch, Werner Krause, John P. McCormick, Kolja Möller, Claire Moulin-Doos, Tobias Müller, Oliver Nachtwey, Steven Schäller, Martin Seeliger, Michael Sommer, Marcus Spittler, Philipp Staab, Hans Vorländer, Aiko Wagner