Weiß | DörrDie Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen (DGVN)

The United Nations Association of Germany (DGVN) has been working for the United Nations since 1952. It informs, reports and advertises. But what does that mean exactly and how does the association pursue its objectives? On the occasion of the association's 65th anniversary, this anthology analyses these and other questions in six articles from different generational and professional perspectives. In this way, political science, legal, journalistic and historical expertise are incorporated into the anthology. This interdisciplinary approach is necessary in order for the authors to be able to comprehensively present and analyse the broad spectrum of an organisation such as the DGVN, which not only makes this publication an important contribution to research but also to the political history of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The editors’ fields of research include German and international contemporary history (Nikolas Dörr) and the law of International Organisations (Norman Weiß).

With contributions by
Hannah Birkenkötter, Philippe Carasco, Heidrun Fritze, Klaus Hüfner, Rainer Lang, Ann-Christine Niepelt, Christian Stock, Helmut Volger