Kielmansegg | Krieger | SohmMultinationalität und Integration im militärischen Bereich

More than ever German and European armed forces are being integrated into NATO or the EU, or they are being merged into multinational corps. This volume deals with the current developments and legal challenges of military integration as a matter of constitutional, international and, by now, also European law. The prime example of the latter is the vision of a European army, whose historical roots (EDC) and legal options are analysed here. Equally relevant are questions relating to military operations conducted by multinational forces — the role of national parliaments or reservations about national sovereignty, or the issue of responsibility in the eyes of international law. Finally, implementing military integration poses challenges, which this book addresses from the wider institutional perspective of NATO, but also as an everyday experience in the headquarters of a multinational corps.

With contributions by
Florian Seiller, Sebastian Graf von Kielmansegg, Roman Schmidt-Radefeldt, Felix Arndt, Chris Gutmann, Jochen Katze, Paulina Starski, Steven Hill, Thomas Blankenburg.