Buchstein | KlingspornOtto Kirchheimer - Gesammelte Schriften

The third of the six-volume publication on Otto Kirchheimer (1905–1965) collates all his important works on the development of criminal law, the prison system and criminology in order to facilitate comparative analysis of them. It contains a new edition of his monograph ‘Sozialstruktur und Strafvollzug’ (Punishment and Social Structure), which he wrote with Georg Rusche at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, which was published in 1939 and which today is regarded as one of the fundamental works of critical criminology. Furthermore, this volume contains several of Kirchheimer’s quintessential essays, such as ‘Strafrecht im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland’ (Criminal Law in Nazi Germany), as well as reviews and as yet unpublished texts. It also includes the German translation of his work ‘Anmerkungen zur Kriminalstatistik des Nachkriegsfrankreichs’ (Notes on Crime Statistics in Post-War France), which he wrote while in exile in Paris and which has never been published in German before. The volume begins with a detailed biography of Kirchheimer’s works and will appeal to all those interested in political science, legal studies, contemporary history, criminology and sociology.