Duschlbauer | Martin | SaffarniaOrganisationskommunikation im Zeichen der Digitalisierung

Volume I of the series ‘Organisational Communication’ deals with the ever-increasing digitalisation of public relations/communication activities within corporations. Functional features, like real-time communication with customers, network-building with target groups, quick interaction and many more, stand in marked contrast to risks like the heightened vulnerability of organisations due to the steady free flow of communications from outside. Corporations nowadays have to react more quickly and monitor multiple communication channels, which is a monumental challenge.

This book will appeal to both an academic audience and practitioners who wish to gain deep insights into the trends and challenges of an increasingly digital organisational world.

With contributions by
Franz Berghuber, Christian Dressler, Thomas Duschlbauer, Sabine Einwiller, Ida Förster, Michael Gratz, Jens Krees, Sieglinde Martin, Christina Prechelmacher, Melanie Rünzler, Pierre Saffarnia, Julia Schwarz, Wolfgang Weitzl