Hein | Petersen | von SteinsdorffDie Grenzen der Verfassung

'Constitutional boundaries' have been debated since the early 19th century. This special issue considers the questions of whether and how the concept of boundaries can be used systematically in the study of constitutional politics and law from an interdisciplinary perspective. The contributions it contains from political science and legal studies show that modern constitutions do not only draw boundaries, but also have to face manifold boundaries themselves. This special issue examines these boundaries systematically, focusing on four aspects: the boundaries of constitution-making, the boundaries of constitutional effectiveness and precision, the boundaries of constitutional legitimacy and the national boundaries of constitutions. In addition, using the concept of boundaries, it discusses key issues relating to methodology and content, which will be invaluable to constitutional research in the future.

With contributions by
Hubertus Buchstein, Annette Förster, Verena Frick, Michael Hein, Ran Hirschl, Nils J. Janson, Christina Kamm, Uwe Kranenpohl, Oliver W. Lembcke, Matthias Lemke, Felix Petersen, Susanne Pickel, Theresia Smolka, Toralf Stark, Silvia von Steinsdorff, Simone Szczerbak, Manon Westphal, Fabian Wittreck