Poferl | SznaiderUlrich Becks kosmopolitisches Projekt

The theory of a reflexive or second modernity developed by Ulrich Beck has decisively influenced sociological debate in Germany and, increasingly, internationally. It is based on the thesis of epochal change among modern societies, i.e. a fundamental transformation of their forms and scopes. The current consequence is the perspective of a cosmopolitan sociology, which sheds the shackles of nation-state thinking and conducts a cross-border analysis of social reality supported by humanistic claims. The urgent plea to think and design modernity ‘differently’ touches upon the central problems and questions of the present. This second edition of the volume, originally published on the occasion of Ulrich Beck’s 60th birthday in 2004, invites a discussion on the open project of cosmopolitan, reflexive modernity and its theoretical, practical and political challenges. It compiles, inter alia, contributions by Jürgen Habermas, Bruno Latour, Aihwa Ong and Richard Sennett on risk issues, individualisation, globalisation, and politics and democracy, as well as on interdisciplinary aspects of Beck’s work. The book will thus appeal to both those readers who are well versed in this subject area and all others who are interested in it.