EmundsChristliche Sozialethik - Orientierung welcher Praxis?

Which problems prompt Christians to engage in politics today? How do they react to these problems? How should Christian social ethics relate to such ‘politics of faith’, and how can the former help to orientate the latter? This book is dedicated to the relationship between the theory and practice of Christian social ethics, which is pivotal to the thinking of Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Hengsbach SJ. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, 22 well-known authors address both this issue and the aforementioned questions. This volume contains articles on the changes to the political practice of Christians and fundamental reflections on the status of social ethics as a practical science. It offers studies on political responses to digitalisation, the European crisis and right-wing popu-lism. Some articles illustrate paradigmatically how social ethics can contribute to the orientation of sociopolitical or economic actions, and the book ends with a reply from Friedhelm Hengsbach.

With contributions by
Anika Christina Albert, Michelle Becka, Rainer Bucher, Bernhard Emunds, Johannes Eurich, Karl Gabriel, Stephan Goertz, Friedhelm Hengsbach SJ, Hans-Joachim Höhn, Traugott Jähnichen, Judith Könemann, Bernhard Laux, Walter Lesch, Andreas Lob-Hüdepohl, Torsten Meireis, Dietmar Mieth, Matthias Möhring-Hesse, Martin Schneider, Michael Schramm, Christian Spieß, Johannes Ulrich, Markus Vogt, Günter Wilhelm and Katja Winkler