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Interim Executives – a role model for private equity?

An analysis of what drives the successful consideration of Interim Executive deployments in private equity
Nomos,  2015, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-95710-029-0

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The “take away” of this booklet is that the utilization of Interim Executives in private equity – beyond bridging “CXO” positions – relates positively and negatively to the “context of the PE firm” in terms of size of funds, active or passive engagement, culture and operating model. Moreover, results illustrate that the utilization and successful deployment of the Interim Executive role in PE relates positively to the importance of value creation programs and the existence of special “competencies” and very often a “complementary” skillset of the Interim Executive. Likewise the utilization and duration of Interim Executive deployment in PE relates positively to the individual “context of the portfolio company” and the potential “role” coverage of the Interim Executive in terms of process stage, deal complexity and the intensity of the portfolio company situation. The role model of an Interim Executive is not limited to bridging executive management positions but, in a lot of instances, fits to PE value creation programs alongside the various PE process stages. Even if PE is already deploying in-house operating partners, it still appears to be very much a “complementary” role model for PE.
This booklet serves private equity representatives, portfolio company management and advisory boards as well as the Interim Executive profession as a best practice guide for a relatively new and flexible management tool by “doing more with less” resources in supporting performance improvement and value creation programs in PE portfolio companies.