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Quality of Legislation - Principles and Instruments

Proceedings of the Ninth Congress of the International Association of Legislation (IAL) in Lisbon, June 24th-25th, 2010
Nomos,  2011, 355 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8329-5245-7

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This publication presents the proceedings of the 9th Congress of the International Association of Legislation (IAL), which took place in Lisbon on 24/25 June 2010, organized by the School of Law, New University of Lisbon. The IAL develops the study of theoretical and practical approaches to legislation and promotes the cooperation between different countries in the area of lawmaking.
The general topic of the Congress was the quality of legislation. The published papers debate the following issues: the essential content of quality of legislation; how legislative procedure can contribute to favour quality; which is the role of regulatory impact assessment; how can an optimal accessibility to legislation be realised. This publication also includes the abstracts of all posters presented during the Congress.
Furthermore, 25 papers of some of the most renowned experts on legislative studies, which will certainly give a valuable contribution to the enlargement of the debate on legisprudence, or more broadly to all efforts to improve legislative quality, are included.
So far, Nomos has published all previous IAL Congresses’ proceedings, which allows an interesting approach of the developments, at EU level and at different countries, on the regulatory policy.