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Reconfiguration of 'the Stars and the Queen'

A Quest for the Interrelationship between Architecture and Civic Awareness in Post-colonial Hong Kong
Nomos,  2015, 190 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8487-1083-6

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Wie konnte sich der politische Symbolismus kolonialer Architektur mit einem Regimewechsel ändern? Wie unterscheidet sich die Wahrnehmung urbaner Objekte von einem Akteur zum nächsten? Dieser Band untersucht die Wirkungen und Wahrnehmung des Vermächtnisses kolonialer Architektur anhand des Queen’s und des Star Ferry Piers in Hong Kong nach dem Machtwechsel 1997.
In englischer Sprache.

»interesting narratives and arguments«
Weijing Le, Asien 2016, 148

»an important contribution to the comparative politics of post-colonial popular consciousness and collective action. She has shown exemplary courage and initiative in engaging with the field in terms of its interdisciplinary breadth and empirical depth, conducting surveys of opinions and attitudes through indepth interviews and delving into public documents as well as indigenous sources. Her reading of theoretical texts outside her main discipline is significantly diverse, both standard positivist mainstream works as well as a very promising foray into alternative methodological works such as those of Henri Lefebvre, Pierre Nora and Bernard Cohn... important contribution to the emerging field of research in post-colonial [...]