»The merit of the authors repeated involvement in the various proceedings against EU crisis tools as legal representative is that he vigorously forced the BVerfG to tie its judgments to the fundamental democratic principle as the benchmark for any exercise or transfer of competences from the nation State to the EU. A leitmotif throughout his court submissions is the persistent reference to the twofold dimension of the democratic principle, combining substantive and procedural aspects... One may disagree with much of the authors generally very restrictive interpretation of EU competences and his extensive understanding of a nation-focused democratic principle. However, the merits of his contributions to the constitutional jurisprudence on EU law are beyond doubt. The BVerfGs case law would not be the same without his thoughtful and persistent interventions the books compilation of submissions is thus a valuable source of inspiration and an outstanding record of judicial history.«
PD Dr. Dr. Armin Steinbach, CML Rev 2017, 650-651

»Murswieks klare, ruhige und engagierte Schriftsätze setzen einen Kontrapunkt zu einer hektischen, konzeptionslosen Politik.«
Prof. Dr. Reiner Schmidt, JZ 2017, 1050