»This book is essential reading for scholars examining international volunteer efforts, particularly those interested in de-centering the Eurocentric foundation of IVS. This book of cases will provide important lessons for students in introductory NGO courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level and would be a valuable supplemental text in courses incorporating service learning... This text should be required reading for ALL volunteers from the North prior to their departure for placements in the South.«
Roseanne Mirabella, Voluntas 2021, 1424

»Deshalb sollte jede entsendende Einrichtung, die Freiwillige, und jede Hochschule, die Studierende ins Praktikum in den Globalen Süden schickt, dieses Heft für alle Beteiligten zur Pflichtlektüre machen.«
Prof. Dr. Ute Straub, www.socialnet.de Juli 2018