&raquodurchweg hohes Niveau&laquo
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Gramlich, ZaöRV 2016, 563

»The book delivers what it promises. It is a first point of reference for most of the questions on international investment law and arbitration that one might have... overall, the book is a very useful, well-researched and well-written Handbook. The editors succeeded in bringing together an enormous amount of investment law and arbitration expertise, and turned that into a structured presentation of the current state of affairs in this field of law.«
Dr. jur. Nikos Lavranos, Journal of International Arbitration 2016, 229-233

»Insgesamt liegt ein vielgestaltiges, für Wissenschaft wie auch für Investitions- und Vergabe-Praxis gleichermaßen wertvolles Handbuch vor.«
Prof. Dr. Fabian Thiel, FuB 2015, V

»versammelt das Wissen um das Investitionsrecht auf höchstem Niveau.«
IPRax 2015, 390

»In sum, the Handbook is a first-class, reliable source of detailed information presented in a coherent and mostly convincing way. Given the momentous amount of material involved, the editors from Cologne, Siegen and Vienna may have achieved together what Sisyphus alone could never have done: namely to roll the several kilos heavy book on the top of the hill!«
Prof. Dr. Frank Hoffmeister, EuZW 2015/583