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10 Steps for Reliable Bolted Assembly

A Guideline for Achieving Outstanding Fastening Quality
Tectum,  2008, 194 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8288-9803-5

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The ""10 Steps for Reliable Bolted Assembly"" serves people responsible for planning, quality assurance, maintenance and production as a check list, in order to test the existing methods for the monitoring of bolted assembly processes for completeness. Beyond that these 10 steps can be used as a guideline for setting up quality assurance on the highest level, according to today's standards. All errors, all inaccuracies, which precede the assembly process add up in the final assembly. The author describes here ten steps, that influence all parameters in bolted assembly and shines a light on methods and measures, which make it possible to produce safe bolted joints economically.