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Kretschmann | Graef | Holder

Sedentary Generation?

An Investigating of Secondary School Students’ Physical Activity
Tectum,  2016, 165 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8288-3773-7

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Today’s children and adolescents exposure to adequate levels of physical activity constantly headlines current academic discussion and debate when considering health and social status. Our younger generation is said to be in danger of becoming a sedentary generation due to media exposure and an inactive lifestyle. A closer look at youth’s behavioral settings reveals school being a major location where school-aged children and adolescents spend most of their available daytime. This inherent potential of everyday school to serve as a significant contributor to today’s youth’s physical activity motivates the main objectives of this investigation. Hence, this study focuses on physical activity levels of school students during the regular school day, including their way to school, recess, leisure, and regular classes as well as physical education.