Chih | Mayeur-Jaouen | Seesemann

Sufism, Literary Production, and Printing in the Nineteenth Century

Ergon,  2015, 598 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-95650-043-5

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In eighteen chapters covering Muslim regions and countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe, this collective volume examines the interface between Sufism, literary production and printing during the long nineteenth century. The contributions, written by leading specialists in the field, shed light on the various ways in which Sufis engaged with printing and analyse the effects the new technology had on their literary production. The four sections of the book, "From Manuscript to Printing", "Literary Genres and Doctrinal Debates", "Transmission and Dissemination", and "New Religious and Political Challenges at the Turn of the Twentieth Century", trace the itinerary of Sufi literature during the period in question. Employing a wide range of theoretical and methodological tools, the authors explore the transformations Sufism underwent at the threshold of modernity. They show how Sufism was able to thrive in its confrontation with the multiple challenges posed by changing social and political structures, the emergence of Islamic reformism, and the introduction of new technologies. As the most comprehensive treatment of Sufism in the nineteenth century so far, this volume with its two bibliographies and two indices constitutes an indispensable resource for scholars and students alike.