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Islamisch-Theologische Studien - Islamic-Theological Studies
erscheint zweimal jährlich., Kündigung 1 Monat zum Kalenderjahresende
Ergon,  2. Edition 2023

ISBN 2748-923X

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The journal Forum Islamic-Theological Studies is an international and interdisciplinary academic journal that aims to foster academic discourse and the conceptualisation of Islamic theology and religious teaching, in particular in a European context. Emphatically transcending denominations, multi-perspectival and geared towards stimulating discussion, the series endeavours—as a platform of exchange between traditional Islamic scholarship and positions and modern-day issues and approaches—to spark academic debates in not only the various sub-disciplines of Islamic theology, but also on topics relating to the sociology of religion and religious education that affect both ‘Islam’ and Muslims.

Because it is intended as an intra and interreligious medium, the journal Forum Islamic-Theological Studies welcomes contributions from related disciplines such as Islamic studies, religious studies, the sociology of religion and other theological fields. It also places particular emphasis on reflecting the diversity within Islam by allowing a variety of voices from different Islamic denominations or legal schools of thought to have their say.

Not only is the journal intended for the publication of original contributions from the established spectrum of academic disciplines relating to Islam, such as Quran studies and Quran exegesis, Hadith studies, standard teachings, mysticism, ethics and philosophy, systematic and discursive theology, religious education and teaching religion, but also new studies on the subjects of Christian education and pastoral care, Islam and plurality, the findings of interreligious research and analyses on Muslims and Islam in Europe from the sociology of religion.

The journal Forum Islamic-Theological Studies will appeal to not only academics and students from the fields of Islamic theology and religious education, but also to those from related disciplines, such as Oriental studies, Islamic studies or the sociology of religion, and to followers of other faiths. It also strives to appeal to the actors and functionaries of religious institutions, such as mosque associations, Muslim associations and Muslims’ representative bodies, as well as religious education teachers, teachers in general, schools and other educational institutions.

In addition to disseminating the findings of academic studies written in both German and English, the journal Forum Islamic-Theological Studies publishes reviews. Before they are published, each contribution undergoes a double-blind peer review, which is based on the principle of mutual anonymity.