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Grundlagen – Strategien – Entwicklungen
Nomos,  2023, 399 Pages

ISBN 978-3-98542-041-4

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The work is part of the series Hamburger Schriften zur Marketingforschung (Volume 101)
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englischContent marketing, i.e. the planning, production and distribution of content to target groups, has once again gained in importance, particularly as a result of social media. In view of the enormous amount of content constantly impacting internet users, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to capture their attention. Only content that meets users' needs and offers them added value in some form has a chance of contributing to the fulfilment of companies' communication goals. The provision of such content requires a meaningful (planning) process. This book offers practitioners and students an overview of the various areas of content marketing.


With contributions by

Madeleine Aichele, Xenia Armstrong, Sarah Bauert, Prof. Dr. Thomas Breyer-Mayländer, Marc Dieterle, Mona Kawasch, Leon-Luca Koch, Florian Litterst, Anja Rech, Prof. Dr. Volker Sänger, Shannon Schäfer, Jawin Schell, Marco Dennis Schmid, Dustin Weber, Prof. Dr. Christopher Zerres and Prof. Dr. Thomas Zerres.

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