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European Horizons

Cornerstones for an Evolving Europe

New Policy Approaches to Economic Development, Environmental Policy, and Human Rights

Herausgegeben von European Horizons

Nomos,  2022, 129 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-7489-2913-0

19,00 € incl. VAT
19,00 € incl. VAT
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englischIn this ambitious collection of essays, European Horizons explores how COVID-19 recovery can become a critical juncture for the European Union. It explores concrete ways that policymakers can build values-based cornerstones for a more sustainable, equitable, and successful Europe. The essays address both critical vulnerabilities and key opportunities for the EU in the spheres of environmental policy, economic development and human rights. Drawing on the emerging expertise and innovative spirit of European Horizons, the authors focus on proposing concrete and actionable policy solutions that can realise the EU’s potential as a force for good in the world.


With contributions by

José María Arroyo-Nieto, Bilal Asghar, Bryan Bayne, Laurent Bélanger-Lowe, Gabrielle Bernoville, Samuel Blair, Lilybell Evergreen, Rasmika Ghosh, Nidhi Menon, Pierre Nouailletas-Baneth, Alexios Simintzis, Viddhi Thakker and Darren Wong.

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