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Engagement mit Zukunft

Förderung der Selbstbestimmung und Teilhabe älterer Menschen im Sozialraum
Nomos,  2022, 214 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-7068-7

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englischWhat kind of benefits does volunteering (not) entail from a volunteer’s point of view? What barriers to their involvement do potential volunteers face? The project ‘Ehrenamt der Zukunft’ (Voluntary Work of the Future) explores these questions empirically from the users’ perspective. Neighbourhood assistance for older people serves as the field of investigation.

Based on the results of this study’s empirical analyses, a conceptual model for the structure of future volunteering opportunities is developed. This shows how flexible and, at the same time, reliable ‘voluntary work of the future’ for the promotion of elderly people’s social participation can be achieved. Thus, volunteering should not only have a value and be flexible for (potential) volunteers, but should also be effective and reliable for service users.

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