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Matiaske | Czaya

Periphere Arbeit im Zentrum

Nomos,  2016, 224 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-2969-2

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The work is part of the series Zentrum und Peripherie (Volume 10)
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englischThis edited volume addresses the recent advancements of various forms of marginalized work from the periphery of an organization to its centre, characterized not only by payment inequalities but also by imbalances in social and cultural capital. Basic aim of this effort is to put the terms “periphery” and “centre” to new, fruitful use both in human resource management and organizational theory. The topics of the contributions range from precarious employment situations in the automotive industry and of elderly employees, over atypical employment situations in public services, to work-live-conflicts and career uncertainties young aspiring academics face in German and Austrian systems of higher education. In other contributions, interorganizational human resource management in inter-firm networks, the role of highly qualified freelancers in the operative centre of hospitals, as well as learning and competence accumulation in the social und organizational periphery are addressed.

With contributions by:

Karina Becker, Markus Helfen und Manuel Nicklich, Fabiola H. Gerpott und Benedikt Hackl, Maximiliane Wilkesmann, Caroline Ruiner und Birgit Apitzsch, Isabelle Dorenkamp und Stefan Süß, Renate Ortlieb und Silvana Weiss, Berndt Keller und Hartmut Seifert, und Frithiof Svenson.